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Pre-Recorded Webinar

Join Suzanne Clayton in a recorded Step By Step guide into the Footlogix Intro Kit 5 Piece! Suzanne will be talking you through the 5 steps for this express Hard Skin removal pedicure, which can be an extra add on to your treatment menu. 

About Suzanne

I have been in the Nail and Beauty Industry for well over 23 years now having worked in salons and had my own salons both at home and on the High Street.  I have been fortunate enough to work at London Fashion week and Ibiza Fashion Festival with my own teams as well as some very out of the box photo shoots. My passion is and always has been fab products with great ingredients and the Education to back the science up. 

I joined Louella belle as their Brand Development Manager to help build the profiles of our Brands but am now also Interim Head of Education after attending International Educators training for Footlogix and Artistic Nail Design. My focus at present is growing the courses that we offer and our Education Team across the Uk. I love Louella belles ethos that everyone should have access to Education and it's great that we offer so much versatility in that. 


Course curriculum

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    Pre-Recorded Webinar

    • A step by step into the Footlogix Intro Kit 5 Piece

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