About This Course

We recommend taking this course whether you are new to Famous Names or just want a refresher.

This interactive module will give you a great insight into the Famous Names brand and all it's systems from the award-winning IBX to the luxurious Dadi'Oil. 

This course has eight modules, with mini quizzes in between to ensure you know the brand, it's products and their USPs inside out. 

If further support is needed please email the team on education@louellabelle.co.uk 

No certificate is provided for this course, taking this course does not qualify you to conduct nail or beauty treatments.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introducing Famous Names

    • Famous Names, Where It Started

    • Quick Quiz

  • 2

    Discover IBX

    • Why IBX?

    • IBX Quick Quiz

    • Science Behind IBX

    • IBX, Knowledge Check

    • Discover IBX Repair

    • IBX Repair Quick Quiz

    • IBX, The Last Round

    • IBX, The Last Question

  • 3

    Discover BOOST

    • Introducing BOOST

    • Boost Quiz

    • Why BOOST?

    • BOOST, True or False?

  • 4

    Discover Dadi'Oil

    • Introducing Dadi'Oil

    • True or False?

    • Introducing CB-Dadi'Oil

  • 5

    Discover Dadi'Lotion

    • Introducing Dadi'Lotion & CB-Dadi'Lotion

    • Dadi'Lotion True or False?

  • 6

    Discover Dadi'Scrub

    • Introducing Dadi'Scrub

  • 7

    Discover Dadi'Balm

    • Introducing Dadi'Balm

  • 8

    Discover Cinnatize

    • Introducing Cinnatize

    • Cinnatize Quiz

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