About This Course

Course Time: 20:00 - 22:00

Welcome to the Artistic Gel On Xtensions Webinar. This session will cover full product knowledge as well as the advantages of offering Artistic Gel On Xtensions services to your clients.

Gel On Xtensions are Artistic's fastest enhancement system ever! This formula is combined with Artistic's Soak Off Gel lightning-flash curing formula, creating fast and flawless nails that eliminates the fuss of traditional nail tips! Each full set comes pre-shaped and is strong, easily applied, and will last up to 21 days of wear. 

There will also be a live demo of Nail Prep, Tip application, Colour application and removal.

This webinar is a great opportunity to expand your skill set and treatment menu.

This course is made up of the following:

x 1 About Gel On Xtensions

x 1 Upload Your Gel Certificate

x 1 Webinar Registration

x 1 Manual & Useful Downloads

x 1 Webinar


Important Information: 

We require you to submit a professional declaration form for each course you wish to attend. If you have previously signed up to one of our courses, you can reupload the same form or certificate you have previously submitted. If you cannot access a digital signature then please print, sign, scan or take a picture of your form and upload this. Recognised beauty certificates can be uploaded in place of this form.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    About Gel On Xtensions

    • About Gel On Xtensions

  • 2

    Upload Your Gel Certificate

    • Upload Your Relevant Certificate/s - Gel

  • 3

    Register For The Webinar!

    • Make Sure You're Registered!

  • 4

    Your Product Manual & Other Useful Downloads

    • Artistic Gel On Xtensions Manual

    • Artistic Gel On Xtensions Price List

  • 5

    Product Knowledge Webinar

    • Artistic Gel On Xtensions Webinar 8pm 26th October 2021

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