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This is a paid course in association with DUET diabetes

Learn at a time and pace that suits you!  Re-visit the content whenever you want to!

This pre-recorded workshop from DUET diabetes* will provide you with the same content as a live webinar session, including a filmed demonstration of a ‘pre-treatment foot examination’ for clients living with diabetes.  

You will have access to an index detailing the recorded content, which is time-stamped to make it easier for you to review the material.

Anyone providing foot related treatments (such as Pedicurists and Reflexologists), are an important extra pair of eyes, ears and hands.

Maybe you could be part of the solution to help reduce the 169 diabetes related amputations that take place in England each week (pre-pandemic data)?

The NHS spends more on diabetic footcare in England than the combined cost of breast, prostate and lung cancers; with over 90% of expenditure relating to ulceration (The cost of diabetic foot disease in England, Marion Kerr: The Diabetic Foot Journal Vol 22 No 4 2019)!  Having a foot ulcer can have a huge impact on someone's health and wellbeing. 

This pre-recorded workshop is designed for beauty and wellness therapists to understand the diabetic foot and feel confident of when to go ahead with treatments and when to leave alone, what advice to give as well as when to encourage clients to seek additional footcare (from a healthcare professional) if they spot signs of foot problems. 

The training is led by an experienced Podiatrist and covers:

  • What diabetes is and associated signs and symptoms
  • A brief overview of the short/long term effects (complications) of diabetes
  • What is a foot ulcer?
  • The observable risk factors leading to foot problems
  • Suitable and unsuitable footwear for people with diabetes
  • The causes of neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
  • The appropriate action to take and advice to give clients

You will be able to access an electronic copy of the core slides along with a 'useful links/resources handout' as well as various other supporting documentation created by DUET diabetes.  An electronic attendance certificate will be issued after completion of a short post training multiple choice questionnaire.

*Based in East Anglia, DUET diabetes is dedicated to delivering understanding, education and training to empower people working in care, health, beauty and wellness roles; enabling them to make a positive difference to adults living with diabetes.
 Our ultimate aim is to benefit adults living with diabetes and their quality of life, regardless of their age or circumstances.

Note that this workshop does not immediately cover you to treat clients with diabetes, this should all be checked with your insurance provider. 

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