About This Course

This is a paid course in association with DUET diabetes. Timings for DUET are 09:30am - 12:45pm

This training is designed for beauty and wellness therapists to understand the diabetic foot and feel confident of when to treat and when to leave alone, what advice to give as well as when to encourage clients to seek additional footcare (from a healthcare professional) if they spot signs of foot problems. 

This workshop covers:

  • What diabetes is and associated signs and symptoms
  • A brief overview of the short/long term effects (complications) of diabetes
  • What is a foot ulcer?
  • The observable risk factors leading to foot problems
  • Suitable and unsuitable footwear for people with diabetes
  • The causes of neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
  • The appropriate action to take and advice to give clients

The session will be run by an experienced HCPC Podiatrist from DUET diabetes* and will be as interactive as we can make it within the constraints of the virtual environment! There will be plenty of time for Q & As throughout the training.

Course price is inclusive of VAT.

Important Information: 

  • Max of 25 students per course, first come first served.
  • Certificates will be issued upon completion of the course.
  • You will also be given support materials after your course to support your understanding and learning.

Please note, this course will run from 09:30am - 12:45pm

Course curriculum

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    • Upload Relevant Beauty Qualification Proof

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    The Duet Diabetes Webinar

    • Diabetic Foot Awareness Workshop 9:30am 25th April 2021

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About Gemma Andrews

The Educator running the workshop is:

Gemma Andrews, BSc (Hons) Podiatry, MSc Sports Biomechanics (HCPC Registered Podiatrist) Gemma qualified as a Podiatrist in 2004 from Huddersfield University and has experience in both the NHS and private fields. Gemma completed her Master’s in Sports Biomechanics in 2008 and has spent 4 years working in France as a Biomechanics Podiatrist. Gemma has in her career been invited to conduct presentations all over the UK, as well as overseas, discussing the influence Biomechanics has in modern day practice. She has also lectured at the Royal Society of Medicine on the effects Diabetes has on elite athletes. Gemma currently is a practising podiatrist in the private sector and also works with DUET diabetes Ltd to develop and run their ‘hands on feet’ diabetes training portfolio.