About This Course

Course Time: 10am - 12:15pm

IBX® is a revolutionary two-part system that toughens the natural nail from WITHIN so that it can grow on its own. It also acts as a “protective shield” inside the natural nail under all gel polishes.


IBX®works by fusing the nail’s top layers together by creating an inter-penetrating polymer network that becomes a permanent addition to the nail. The IBX® SYSTEM is a service-based product to use on your clients and provides you with incremental revenue as an add-on service.


This class is designed for professionals who regularly work with Gel Polish or for manicurists that are strictly all about natural nail care. Now includes IBX Boost! Join us for a live IBX & Boost Webinar to gain all the product knowledge you need on this transformational system, products, and home care.



  • Benefits of IBX and how it works.
  • Understanding natural nail trauma and the causes.
  • The products of the IBX System.
  • IBX application techniques.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes.


This certified webinar is approximately 2.5 hrs long and includes a Q&A session.

This course is made up of the following:

x 1 Professional Declaration

x 1 Manual Download

x 1 Webinar Registration

x 1 Webinar

x 1 Support Materials Download



Important Information:

We require you to submit a professional declaration form for each course you wish to attend. If you have previously signed up to one of our courses, you can reupload the same form or certificate you have previously submitted. If you cannot access a digital signature then please print, sign, scan or take a picture of your form and upload this. Recognised beauty certificates can be uploaded in place of this form.


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Make Sure You're Registered

    • Upload Relevant Beauty Qualification Proof

    • Make Sure You're Registered!

  • 2

    IBX & IBX BOOST Useful Downloads

    • IBX & IBX BOOST Manual

    • IBX & Boost Essential Assets

  • 3

    IBX & Boost Webinar

    • IBX & Boost Webinar 10am 28th March 2021

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