About This Course

This course is designed for existing nail technicians who wish to transition to Artistic Nail Design Products. It is also suitable for those already using Artistic Nail Design products and just wish to refresh their knowledge.

You'll cover the basics for the following Artistic Nail Design products: 

  • Artistic Colour Gloss
  • Artistic Colour Revolution
  • Artistic Perfect Dip.

This course does not qualify you to use the products, or conduct nail treatments, if you wish to embark on a beginners nail course please email education@louellabelle.co.uk

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Beauty Qaulification

    • Upload Beauty Qualification

  • 2

    Test your Artistic Colour System Knowledge.

    • About Artistic

  • 3

    Artistic Colour Revolution

    • Artistic Colour Revolution

  • 4

    Artistic Colour Gloss

    • Artistic Colour Gloss

  • 5

    Artistic Perfect Dip

    • Artistic Perfect Dip

  • 6

    Artistic Essentials

    • Artistic Essentials

  • 7

    Take The Test

    • Artistic Colour Systems Module

About Artistic Nail Design

Artistic Nail Design was created by world-renowned nail artists and product developers to introduce high quality products and superior training in the professional nail market.  Artistic Nail Design provides a creative edge for every true Nail Artist at heart. We pride ourselves on consistently developing revolutionary products that encourage nail artists to push the envelope and explore new levels of creativity through their own personal artistry. 

Artistic Nail Design is distributed globally and quickly gaining acclaim, for becoming a go-to brand for session artists, high-end spas, and celebrity Nail Artist’s worldwide.  In fact, many Hollywood figures have recognised the integrity of our products and are consistently photographed wearing Artistic Colour Gloss in their everyday lives.

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