About This Course

Artistic Nail Design was created by world-renowned nail artists and product developers to introduce high quality products and superior training in the professional nail market. Artistic Nail Design provides a creative edge for every true Nail Artist at heart. We pride ourselves on consistently developing revolutionary products that encourage nail artists to push the envelope and explore new levels of creativity through their own personal artistry.

This course is designed to support you after your product investment to confidently sell Artistic Colour Gloss treatments to your clients. 

In this course, we have covered the most common frequently asked questions about the Artistic Nail Design systems.  

This course is designed to help you better understand the products you use as well as answer common application, or usage queries we have come across. 

We hope you find this course helpful. 

Please note the course is designed for existing nail and beauty professionals who want to brush up on their skills and does not qualify you to use the products, if you wish to train in these systems please view our other courses.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Professional Declaration Form

    • Upload Relevant Beauty Qualification Proof

  • 2

    Beauty Qualification

    • Upload Beauty Qualification

  • 3

    Instructions for this course

    • Artistic Sales, Retail & Aftercare Support

  • 4

    Why Artistic Colour Gloss

    • Colour Gloss & Your Clients

    • Why Choose A Colour Gloss Manicure

    • Colour Gloss Manicure, Client Information

  • 5

    Colour Gloss Application & Removal Tips

    • Colour Gloss Application

    • Colour Gloss Removal Tips

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