FAQs - Getting Started.

All you need to know before your course.

  • How Do I Sign Up For A Course?

    You'll need to register for a Louella Belle Training Academy account, from there you can sign up to as many, or as little courses as you like. If you have a team you wish to enroll on to training, we recommend getting them to sign up individually as many course and exam links are personalised for each student.

  • Your Professional Declaration

    We require a professional declaration per course to ensure each person taking part in the course is a professional, we also require this per course to ensure the person signing up you. If you can’t access digital signatures then you could print and sign and upload a copy. Recognised beauty certificates can also be uploaded in place of this form.

  • I’ve booked my training course online, what happens now?

    Our online courses are designed to work around you, you will get an enrollment notification and then weekly reminders to complete your course as well as progress updates. If your training course is in person, one of our dedicated team will be in touch to arrange the finer details.

  • How are your Webinars conducted?

    All our webinars are hosted through our training academy. In order to access the webinar you will need to be registered for an account and join the webinar through your course dashboard on the date and time of your webinar. Don't worry, you'll get a notification 24hrs and 1hr before your webinar starts!

  • I've Signed Up To A Webinar, Now What?

    You'll be able to access your webinar directly through our education platform. You'll also receive a confirmation link from Zoom with your connection link, confirmation of time, date and a link with your manual. You can also download this on your course page! We also recommend adding this to your calendar - there is a helpful link within the confirmation email which you can add to your calendar.

  • Are Your Webinars Recorded?

    Unfortunately not, in order to receive a certification, you must attend the webinar live.

  • When will I receive my manual?

    You can download your manual directly from the course page. This is usually the step right after you've confirmed your professional status.

  • When Will I Receive My Certificate After Training?

    Straight away! Once you've taken the exam on our education online training platform, you'll get an instant result and be able to download and view your certificate straight away!

  • Do I need any prior qualifications?

    This depends on the course you are taking. Our courses are suitable for anyone with an existing manicure or pedicure qualification. If you are not yet qualified please email education@louellabelle.co.uk to check the course is right for you.

FAQs - Attending Your Course

All you need to know during & after your course

  • When will I receive my certificate after training?

    Straight away! Once you've taken the exam on our education online training platform, you'll get an instant result and be able to download and view your certificate straight away!

  • Can I attend training if I have a disability?

    Louella Belle Ltd actively promotes an equal opportunity policy for all people to enter into all aspects of the training. It is the responsibility of the student to notify us with details of any special requirements, such as hearing, learning or physical impairments, at the time of booking.

  • Do I need specific products or a kit to attend?

    Each course has individual requirements in terms of the products you need to bring, this information is contained on the specific course pages. Attendees are responsible for providing the correct product, tools and equipment required for the course. All electrical items are to be fully operational and, if not new, should have been regularly maintained to keep them in good working order.

  • How do I purchase products after my course?

    All products for our courses are available to buy from www.louellabelle.co.uk. You can call us on 0333 000 2100 to register for an account and place an order, or you can also register yourself here (can we link?) and order online. Please note proof of your professional status may be requested before your account is authorised.

  • What Happens If I Do Not Pass The Course?

    If the Educator considers that more work is required to meet the required standards you may be referred. You will be given constructive feedback on why this may be and the opportunity to complete the course again, however a fee may apply.

  • What is your cancellation policy on training courses?

    If you need to cancel a confirmed booking you must contact us in writing. It is recommended you use recorded delivery, ensuring you keep the proof of postage. Should you cancel your confirmed booking, then the following cancellation charge will apply - 14 days or less will result in 100% loss of the total cost. Louella Belle reserve the right to cancel or change a booked date or venue and/or by giving 14 days notice of termination, except in the case of emergencies, when we reserve the right to give less notice. No refund will be given for non-attendance of a course, nor will it be transferred to an alternative date. We cannot be held responsible for costs or loss of earnings due to course cancellations.

  • Will I receive guidance after my training?

    As a valued Louella Belle customer, our team will be on hand to talk you through any product enquiries you might have. Your individual Educator will also be able to provide follow-up support on any more in-depth questions you might have regarding your training. After your course you will receive a follow up email and links to any relevant aftercare information where relevant. If you are not already a Louella Belle customer we would recommend signing up for an account so you stay ahead of all the latest brand news. If you have any questions after your course, you can email our team on education@louellabelle.co.uk

  • What is the maximum number of students per class?

    We have a maximum number of 100 students per webinar, to offer the most valuable experience. Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis. In-Salon training is capped at 8 students per class in order for the educator to offer

  • Do you offer 1-2-1 training or in-salon training?

    We certainly do! This can be arranged by calling Head Office on 0333 000 2100 or dropping us an email to education@louellabelle.co.uk and a member of our team will get in touch to find out your individual needs. Please note that during the Covid-19 Pandemic all in-salon training is on hold.

FAQs - About Us & Our Brands

All you need to know about Louella Belle & our brands.

  • Are your products Vegan?

    Yes, the majority of our products are vegan. We recommend emailing info@louellabelle.co.uk if you are unsure or would like further confirmation of our products vegan status.

  • When I order my products, how long will my order take?

    Our terms and conditions state orders can take up to five working days however this is more for busy periods we normally try to dispatch orders within 24-48 working hours.

  • What are your opening hours?

    Our head office is open Monday to Thursday 9am - 5:30pm and Friday 9am - 5pm.

  • How to contact us

    You can call us on 0333 000 2100 or email education@louellabelle.co.uk and one of our team will be happy to assist. If you're enquiring about setting up an account or placing an order, our dedicated customer service team can assistant, you can reach them on 0333 000 2100 or email info@louellabelle.co.uk

  • How Often Do You Run Webinars?

FAQs - General

  • What is the health and safety policy of the venues?

    You will be informed about health and safety arrangements for the venue at the beginning of your course. Breaches of health and safety may result in you being asked to leave the course. It is your responsibility to report any and all accidents to your Educator during your course and to then complete an entry in the accident book. All health and safety policies and procedures must be adhered to at all times. Louella Belle takes no responsibilities for any valuables or possessions that go missing within the building or at any location which we are running courses. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are booked onto the correct course for their abilities. Failure to do this will result in a loss of booking fee. Students must be at the course location 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the course times set out in the course confirmation.

  • How Often Do You Run Webinars?

    We run webinars weekly, however, we have limited spaces available and recommended signing up for a webinar as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.